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      Dear Mr. Stolem,

      Thank you for your visit and topic post on our new forum. Spare part catalogs are for engine owner distribution primarily. However if we could support you in other ways.

      We will contact you via email directly soonest,


      Kind regards,

      Henk Jan te Brake

      in reply to: TM620 – big end bearing undersize #233

        A set for 2mm undersize TM620 big end bearing is not available on stock as a standard assortment part.

        In case of need in this special case, inquiry can be made by contacting


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          pls. be advised as follows:

          Due to the fact that crankpin damages hardly occur on TM620 engines we do have only one partnumber for a 1mm undersize bearing namely PAAS000131.This bearing has to be used in combination
          with a standard bore connecting rod which is 518mm.
          If the crankpin has to be machined more than 1mm undersize,the customer has to inform us to what size the crankpin has been machined.The special undersize bearings can then be ordered via
          tech id.

          If a crankpin is damaged the connecting rod is always damaged as well. Depending upon the severity of the damage the connecting rod should be scrapped.

          in reply to: TM620 – Engine alignment limits #199

            After spending half the monday afternoon and tuesday morning in the dusty archive finaly found the alignment figures of the MS XXXX.
            The engine should be 0.2mm to SB and 0.4mm higher than the input shaft of the gearbox.

            It’s not necessary to check the oscillation of the crankshaft flange.

            best regards,



              3kPa or 12 inch of water is good to keep as the limit.

              Too high backpressure will hurt the combustion. Too high back pressure will reduce charge air into the cylinders because of the restriction to get the exhaust out. This will affect the air/fuel ratio with thermal overload as the result.

              The biggest impact from the SCR and oxicat device will be from its cross section and length. Best result is achieved when the device is made as wide and as short as possible while still retaining a good efficiency on the device.

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