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      Our customer here have a crankin problem at their TM 620 engine. Do you have any information for standard Under size Bearing for TM620 engine. For your information all crankpin are still on standard size.



        pls. be advised as follows:

        Due to the fact that crankpin damages hardly occur on TM620 engines we do have only one partnumber for a 1mm undersize bearing namely PAAS000131.This bearing has to be used in combination
        with a standard bore connecting rod which is 518mm.
        If the crankpin has to be machined more than 1mm undersize,the customer has to inform us to what size the crankpin has been machined.The special undersize bearings can then be ordered via
        tech id.

        If a crankpin is damaged the connecting rod is always damaged as well. Depending upon the severity of the damage the connecting rod should be scrapped.


          Thank you for your answer. Can you give part number, price and availability for a 2mm undersize bearing?


            A set for 2mm undersize TM620 big end bearing is not available on stock as a standard assortment part.

            In case of need in this special case, inquiry can be made by contacting


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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